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ARDAC is the Antecedents of Renal Disease in Aboriginal Children and Young People Study.
It is a community-based, longitudinal, cohort study which means that the same study participants remain involved for a long period of time! The ARDAC study monitors the kidney and heart health of children and young people in NSW. It began in 2002 and is based at the Centre for Kidney Research at the Children’s Hospital at Westmead in Western Sydney.

The Powerpoint presentations below are from World Kidney Day with information about kidneys, how they work and how to keep them healthy for 6-11 year olds & 12-16 year olds. In terms of copyright these presentations can be used as long as you acknowledge The International Kidney Federation of Kidney Foundations.

The following Powerpoint presentation is suitable for primary school students:
School Kit 6-11
The following PowerPoint presentation is suitable for high school students
School Kit 12-16
The following PowerPoint presentation is suitable for a general community kidney health event: